FX Channel Track Inspector

The Inspector for FX channel tracks shows the settings for the FX channel. When you select the folder track instead, the Inspector shows the folder and the FX channels it contains. You can click one of the FX channels shown in the folder to have the Inspector show the settings for that FX channel.

Track name

Click once to show/hide the basic track settings section. Double-click to rename the track.

Colorize Selected Track

Allows you to colorize the selected track.

Edit Channel Settings

Opens the Channel Settings window for the track.


Mutes the track.


Solos the track.

Read Automation

Allows you to read track automation.

Write Automation

Allows you to write track automation.


Allows you to adjust the level of the track.


Allows you to adjust the panning of the track.

Output Routing

Allows you to specify the output bus for the track.

FX Channel Track Inspector Sections

Apart from the basic track settings that are always shown, FX channel tracks also provide other Inspector sections.


Allows you to add insert effects to the track.


Allows you to set up the channel strip modules.


Allows you to adjust the EQs for the track. You can have up to four bands of EQs for each track.


Shows a duplicate of the corresponding MixConsole channel.


Allows you to enter notes about the track.