Setting up a Custom Audio Click Sound

If you do not want to use the default click sound, you can set up your own custom sound.


In the Metronome Setup dialog on the General tab, Activate Metronome Click is activated. In the Click Destinations section, Use Audio Click is activated.


  1. Open the Click Sounds tab, and in the Audio Click Settings section, activate Use Custom Sounds.
  2. In the Sound column, click the top row.
  3. In the file dialog, navigate to the audio file that you want to use as a custom sound for the first beat and select it.
  4. Click Open.
  5. Click the other rows to select audio files for the other beats.
  6. Set the level of the sounds by clicking the respective rows in the Level column and adjusting the value.
  7. Optional: Click Play to audition the custom sounds.


The metronome uses the defined custom sounds for the audio click.

After Completing This Task

Open the Click Sound Presets pop-up menu and save your custom sounds as a preset.