Applying time stretching or pitch shifting to audio material can lead to a degradation in audio quality and to audible artifacts. The result depends on the source material, the particular stretch and pitch operations applied, and the selected audio algorithm preset.

As a rule of thumb, smaller changes in pitch or duration cause less degradation. However, there are additional issues one should be aware of when working with time stretching and pitch shifting algorithms.


In rare cases, editing warped audio events may cause discontinuities at the edit points. You can then try to move the edit point to a different position or bounce the audio event prior to editing.

Reverse Playback and Scrubbing

Most of the algorithms used for time stretching and pitch shifting only support forward playback. Reverse playback or scrubbing of warped audio events can lead to recurring artifacts in playback.

Pitch and Stretch Factor

Some algorithms may put limitations on the maximum degree of time stretching or pitch shifting supported. However, with élastique there are no limitations.