The Transformer is a powerful tool for search and replace functions on MIDI data.

You can use the Transformer as follows:

  • You set up filter conditions to find certain elements.

    This can be elements of a certain type, with certain attributes or values, or on certain positions, in any combination. You can combine any number of filter conditions and make composite conditions using And/Or operators.

  • You select the basic function to be performed.

    The options include Transform, for changing properties of the found elements, Delete, for removing the elements, Insert, for adding new elements based on the found positions of other elements, and more.

  • You set up a list of actions, which specify exactly what is done.

    This is not necessary for all functions.

By combining filter conditions, functions, and the specific actions, you can perform very powerful processing.

To master the Transformer, you need some knowledge about how MIDI messages are structured. However, there is also a rich selection of presets, allowing you to access its processing powers without delving into its more complicated aspects.