Fade In/Fade Out

Fade In and Fade Out allow you to apply a fade to the selected audio.

Curve Type buttons

Determine whether the corresponding envelope uses Spline Interpolation, Damped Spline Interpolation, or Linear Interpolation.

Fade display

Shows the shape of the fade curve. The resulting waveform shape is shown in a dark tone, with the current waveform shape in a light tone.

  • To add points, click the curve.

  • To change the curve shape, click and drag existing points.

  • To remove a point from the curve, drag it outside the display.

Presets pop-up menu

Allows you to manage your presets.

  • To save a preset, select Save Preset from the pop-up menu, enter a name, and click OK.

  • To apply a preset, select it from the pop-up menu.

  • To remove a preset, select it from the pop-up menu, and click Remove Preset.

Curve Shape buttons

These buttons give you quick access to some common curve shapes.