Internal Dithering

This is a WaveLab-specific plug-in that provides a simple way of adding a small amount of noise to the rendered signal to improve the apparent signal-to-noise ratio of the output.

The following parameters are available when selecting Internal Dithering.

Noise Type

Sets the noise type for adding to the signal.

  • In No Noise mode, no dithering is applied.

  • The Noise Type 1 mode is the most all-round method.

  • The Noise Type 2 mode emphasizes higher frequencies more than Noise Type 1.

Noise Shaping

Increases the apparent signal to noise ratio by altering the spectrum of the low-level audio signal which results from lowering the number of bits. The higher the number you select here, the more the noise is moved out of the ear’s mid-range.

Bit Resolution

Allows you to specify the intended bit resolution for the final audio, after dithering, regardless of whether you want to render the settings or play back in real-time.

Dithering changes the sample resolution, but not the sample size. For example, when dithering 24 bit to 16 bit, the file will still be 24 bit in size, although only 16 bits of information will have significance. When rendering to a 16-bit file, specify the file resolution to avoid wasting space.