Using External Gear


  1. Select File > Preferences > VST Audio Connections.
  2. Set the Audio Device to ASIO.
  3. Select the ASIO Plug-ins tab.
  4. Select the channels to be used for device output (to gear) and device input (from gear), and click OK.

    These should be different I/O channels than the ones you use for playback and recording. The available outputs in this plug-in equals the number of inputs (up to 8).

  5. In the Effects pane of the Master Section window, select the External Gear plug-in from the ASIO submenu.

    The External Gear plug-in window opens.

  6. Make your settings.

After Completing This Task

Now you can process a signal through the external processor, just as if it was a software plug-in effect. If you render a file using the External Gear plug-in, playback is not available during the rendering.