Dropping Markers During Recording

When you are recording, you can click the marker buttons to add markers to the recorded file.


  1. Open the Recording dialog.
  2. Optional: If you want to name the markers that you drop rather than using generic markers, do the following:
    • Select the Options tab and activate Confirm Name of Markers to Drop.

    • On the Method tab, enter the name in the Next Marker Name field.

  3. Make your settings and start recording.
  4. Select the type of marker that you want to drop.
    • To drop a numbered generic marker, click the yellow marker button, or press Ctrl/Cmd-M.

    • To drop numbered generic region start and end markers, click the white buttons, or press Ctrl/Cmd-L/Ctrl/Cmd-R.

    When you chose to confirm marker names to drop, a dialog opens each time that you drop a marker. In this dialog, you can enter a name and specify an offset, which allows you to place a marker at a specific time before you triggered the command.


A marker is dropped each time that you click the marker button.


If you insert two or more region start markers in a row with no region end markers in between, only the last of these start markers is kept. The same applies for region end markers.