Pan Normalizer Dialog

This dialog allows you to ensure that both channels of a stereo file have the same level or loudness, and helps you to get the best possible stereo balance.

  • To open the Pan Normalizer dialog, select the Process tab in the Audio Editor, and click Pan in the Normalizing section.

This dialog is also available as a multipass plug-in in the Batch Processor window.

This process first analyzes the audio and then renders any required level changes. You must have a stereo selection in a stereo file to apply this process.

Peak Level

Raises the channel with the lowest peak level to match the peak level of the other channel.

Loudness (EBU R-128)

Analyzes the loudness of both channels and adjusts their gain so that both channels get the same loudness. No clipping can be introduced using the pan normalizer.

Remove DC Offset

Removes DC offsets which affect the loudness computation. We recommend to keep this option activated.

Analyze Channel Difference

Shows the current loudness ratio between the left and right channels. The result changes depending on the selected Peak/Loudness mode.