Pitch Quantizing Dialog

This dialog allows you to automatically detect and correct the pitch of an audio file. The input signal is quantized to discrete notes.

  • To open the Pitch Quantizing dialog, select the Process tab in the Audio Editor, and click Pitch Quantizing in the Time & Pitch section.

This dialog is also available as a monopass plug-in in the Batch Processor window.

Pitch quantize works best on recordings that have monophonic signals, such as voice or single instruments.

Reference Frequency

Defines the reference tuning (in Hz) for the pitch shift.

Liaison Time

Defines the time it takes for the correction to reach the full correction amount. Typically, sung notes are slightly unstable at the beginning, because the attack phase of a sound has a higher amount of noise and because singers gradually adjust their tuning after the onset of the note.

The liaison time makes the pitch shift sound more natural, because it mimics this effect.

Preserve Formants

If this option is activated, the formants are corrected according to the pitch shift amount.

Quality pop-up menu

The High Quality and Best (Slow) modes provide high-quality time stretching, but the processing takes longer. For most uses, the Standard Quality mode is sufficient.