Master Section Presets Pop-up Menu

This pop-up menu offers several options for saving, managing, and restoring Master Section presets.

  • To open the Presets pop-up menu, click the presets pane at the top of the Master Section.


Saves the changes you have made to an existing preset.

Save As

Opens a dialog where you can specify a name and a location for the preset.

Organize Presets

Opens the Preset folder of the Master Section, where you can rename or delete presets.

Define Shortcut for Current Preset

Opens the Shortcut Definitions dialog, where you can define key sequences and keywords.

Load Preset

Allows you to load a Master Section preset via the File Explorer/macOS Finder. For example, this is useful if you want to load a preset that is provided by another source and not located in your default root folder.

Load WaveLab Pro 4/5/6 Preset

Allows you to load WaveLab Pro 4/5/6 presets via the File Explorer/macOS Finder.

Open Options Dialog when Selecting Preset

If this option is activated, a dialog opens that allows you to choose how to load the preset you select.

Store Temporarily

Lets you select one of the slots to temporarily save a preset.


Lets you restore a previously saved preset.

List of saved presets

Lists the presets that are saved in the Presets folder of the Master Section.