Playback Processing Pane

This pane in the Master Section contains the Encoder Checker that allows you to compare audio encoders. You can also add your own plug-ins to the Playback Processing slots.


The plug-ins in the Playback Processing pane are only part of the playback processing. It is not applied when rendering files or CDs.

Fold/Unfold Pane

Expands or collapses the pane.

Bypass All Effects

Bypasses the effects in the Playback Processing pane.

Monitoring Point

Lets other meters in WaveLab Pro, for example, Oscilloscope or Wavescope, monitor the signal directly after this plug-in.

If no monitoring point is specified, the monitoring point is after the Final Effects/Dithering section and before the Playback Processing section.

The Master Level meter of the Master Section always monitors the level after the faders.

Effect Options pop-up menu

Allows you to add an effect to the effect slot. You can load your own plug-ins or use the included Encoder Checker. Furthermore, the following options are available:

  • Remove Plug-in removes the effect from the slot.

  • Shift All Plug-ins Down/Shift All Plug-ins Up allows you to move the effects to another position.

  • If Active is activated, the effect is active. If Active is deactivated, the effect is excluded from playback and rendering.

  • If Lock is activated, the effect slot is locked. The plug-in in the slot remains as is when a Master Section preset is loaded, or when Reset Master Section is used.

Presets pop-up menu

Lets you save and recall preset settings. The Presets pop-up menu offers additional options to save and load default banks and effects.

Bypass Processing

Bypasses the plug-in during playback and optionally during rendering. The signal is still processed by the plug-in, but is not injected in the audible stream.