Editing Shortcuts

You can see the list of all shortcuts in the Shortcuts tab, and edit and define shortcuts on the Shortcut Definitions dialog.

The Shortcuts tab provides a different command set for each menu or dialog.

  • To open the Shortcut Definitions dialog, select File > Preferences > Shortcuts, select a command, and click Edit Shortcut.

  • You can enter a keyword which you can later use to activate a command by typing it into the File Search and Keywords field in the command bar.

  • You can define a command to be triggered by an external MIDI controller. For example, this can be useful for issuing transport commands from your midi keyboard. You can specify a sequence of up to three midi events. The MIDI shortcut is displayed in the MIDI Trigger column.

  • You can define one key shortcut, and/or one MIDI shortcut, and/or one keyword per command. Each shortcut can be a sequence of up to four keystrokes or three MIDI events. A keyword can be of any length.

  • To reset some or all types of shortcuts to their factory default use the Reset button.