Keywords are custom words that are assigned to a function in the Customize Commands dialog or to a preset in the Shortcut Definitions dialog. When you enter the keyword in the File Search and Keyword field, the corresponding function is triggered.


For example, if you want to have a quick way to normalize audio to -1 dB, proceed as follows:

  1. In the Audio Editor, select the Process tab.

  2. In the Normalizing section, click Level.

  3. In the Level Normalizer dialog, set the Peak Level to -1 dB.

  4. Click the Presets field, and select Save As.

  5. In the Save Preset As dialog, enter a name for the preset, and activate Create Shortcut for Applying the Preset.

  6. Click Save.

  7. In the Shortcut Definitions dialog, enter norm_1 as a Keyword, and click OK.

  8. Now, to trigger the preset, enter .norm_1 in the File Search and Keyword field, and press Return.

    The dot in front of the keyword instructs WaveLab Pro to interpret the text as a keyword. Without the dot, the File Search and Keyword field is used for finding file tabs.