Shortcuts Tab

This tab allows you to customize your own shortcuts for WaveLab Pro. It shows a list of the assigned shortcuts for WaveLab Pro commands and menu options.

  • To open the Shortcuts tab, select File > Preferences > Shortcuts.

Search pop-up menu

Allows you to select the part of the commands list in which the search is performed.

Search field

Allows you to search for a command.

Use Wildcards

If this option is activated, the wildcard characters * and ? can be used.

* substitutes zero or more characters, and ? substitutes any character.

For example, if Search Keyboard Shortcut is selected, type * to display all commands that are already associated with a shortcut.


Expands/Collapses the folder tree.

Commands list

Shows all commands and their shortcuts.


Resets the commands to the factory settings.


Opens a menu from which you can generate a list of all commands and their shortcuts, either in HTML or as a print out.

Edit Shortcut

Opens the Shortcut Definitions dialog where you can edit the shortcuts for the selected command.