Managing Tabs

A tab is a container for a file in WaveLab Pro. There are file group tabs and file tabs. You can open several tabs, but only one can be active at a time. The Tabs context menu of the file group tabs and file tabs offer tab related options.

File Group Tabs

The following options are available when you right-click a file group tab.

Save Modified Files

Allows you to specify which of the modified files of the file group you want to save.

Close All Files

Closes all file tabs.

Select Files to Close

Opens the Files to Close dialog which allows you to specify the files to be closed.

Set Temporary Files to Permanent Files

Adds all files to the file group that are not a permanent part of the file group.

Close and Remove from Project

Closes the file group and removes it from the project.

Remove Other File Groups from Project

Removes all file groups but the active file group from the project.


Allows you to rename the file group.

Export File Names

Allows you to create a text file that lists all files that are used in the file group.

File Tabs

The following options are available when you right-click a file tab.

Check Tab/Uncheck Tab

Checks/Unchecks the tab. This allows you to render all file tabs at once via the Render tab or create an audio montage from all audio files that have a checked tab.

To check/uncheck all tabs at once, activate/deactivate the checkbox at the right of the file tabs.

You can also drag the selected tabs to another file tab.

Create Audio Montage

Allows you to create an audio montage from different sources. The following options are available:

  • From Current Audio File creates an audio montage with the current audio file as a clip.

  • From Checked Tabs creates an audio montage from all audio files that have a checked tab.

    To check a tab, right-click a file tab and select Check Tab. You can then activate all tabs from which you want to create an audio montage.

  • From All Audio File Tabs creates an audio montage from all audio file tabs.

Add to

Allows you to add the active file to another editor.


Closes the active tab.

Close All But This

Closes all files but the active file.

Close All Audio Files

Closes all audio files.

Keep in Project after Closing

If this option is activated, the file remains in the project after you close the file.

You can open the file again from the Project Manager window.


Displays information about the active file.

Reveal in File Explorer/macOS Finder

Opens the File Explorer/macOS Finder to show the location of the file.

Copy to Clipboard

Opens a menu, from which you can select which information about the file you want to copy to the clipboard.

Recent Files

Allows you to open recently used files.

New (Based on Active File)

Allows you to open a new file tab with the same settings of the source tab. This option is available if you right-click the empty area next to the file tabs.