Status Bar

The status bar at the bottom of the screen of the Audio Editor and the Audio Montage window shows information about the active window using the units specified in the rulers.

The information displayed on the status bar is updated depending on the cursor position and on the audio selection that you have made.

Time/Level (dB)

Displays the time of the audio file at the mouse cursor position. In the Audio Editor, it also displays the level.

The value in brackets shows the time from the edit cursor position to the mouse cursor position.

Audio Information at Edit Cursor

Displays the time at the position of the edit cursor. This information changes if you reposition the cursor.

  • To define the cursor position, click the Audio Information at Edit Cursor field to open the Cursor Position dialog.

  • To focus the cursor position, right-click the Audio Information at Edit Cursor field.

Audio Selection Indicator (Audio Editor)/Audio Range Indicator (Audio Montage)

In the Audio Editor, this displays the length of the current selection, or the total length of the audio file if no selection has been made.

In the Audio Montage window, this displays the length of the audio selection if a clip is selected, or the size of the audio montage.

If you have zoomed in, you can right-click the indicator to display the selected audio range, the active clip, or the whole file. Left-click the indicator to open the Range Selection dialog, where you can define or refine a selection.

Zoom Indicator

Displays the current zoom factor.

  • To open a pop-up menu that allows you to make additional zoom settings, click the indicator.

  • To open the Zoom Factor dialog that allows you to edit the zoom factor, right-click the indicator.

Sampler Key Indicator (Audio Editor only)

Indicates the key of the current audio file (if defined). Click the indicator to open the Sample Attributes window.

Audio File Properties/Audio Montage Properties

In the Audio Editor, this displays the bit depth and the sample rate. It also indicates whether the audio file is mono or stereo. Click the indicator to open the Audio Properties dialog.

In the Audio Montage window, this displays the number of audio channels and the sample rate of the audio montage. Click the indicator to open the Audio Montage Properties dialog.

Bypass Master Section

If this option is activated, only the Playback Processing pane of the Master Section is active during playback. All other Master Section panes are bypassed. However, rendering still takes all plug-ins into account.

Master Section Preset Setting pop-up menu
  • Save Master Section Preset opens the Save Master Section Preset dialog, where you can save the active Master Section configuration inside the companion file or audio montage.

  • Load Master Section Preset applies the Master Section with the configuration previously saved to the audio file or audio montage.

  • If Include Master Section Preset when Rendering as Super Clip is activated, the Master Section preset that is saved with the audio montage is used when rendering super clips of audio montages (Audio Montage window only).

Background Information

The status bar shows the progress of some background operations, such as rendering an effect. The operation can be paused or canceled using the provided buttons.