Audio Montage

In the Audio Montage window, you assemble audio clips into a montage. You can arrange, edit, and play back clips on an unlimited number of both stereo or mono tracks.

Features include track and clip-based effects, volume and pan automation, and wide-ranging fade and crossfade functions. You can use the Audio Montage window for creating music CDs, mastering, multimedia work, radio spot production, etc. You can create multitrack compositions and author professional audio CDs or DVD-Audio. Depending on the channel configuration of the montage, you can route each track to different surround channels (up to 6) or non-surround channels (up to 8).

You can place any number of clips on an audio track. A clip contains a reference to a source audio file on your hard disk, as well as start and end positions in the file.

The montage window gives you a graphical representation of clips on tracks. In it you can view, play back, and edit the tracks and clips.