Startup Dialog

When WaveLab Pro starts, the Startup dialog opens, where you can select which file, project, or project template you want to open.

In the Startup dialog, you can select the file type that you want to open. You can open recently used files or create new files from templates.

The following file types are available:

  • Project

  • Audio Montage

  • Audio File

  • Batch Processor

  • RSS Feed


Recently Used Files

Opens the files that you last used in WaveLab Pro.

List of recently used files

Allows you to open recently used files. To open a recently used file, select the file and click Open.


Create Empty Window

Creates an empty WaveLab Pro window.

Default Project

Opens the default startup project. You can define the default project in the Project Template dialog. If no default project has been defined and you click Default Project, an empty project is created.

Other Options

Use as Default (Do Not Show This Dialog Again)

If this option is activated, the option that you select is used from now on and the startup screen does not open anymore. To display the Startup dialog, even if this option has been activated, press Ctrl/Cmd when starting WaveLab Pro.


Allows you to select the files that you want to open.

Create Empty

Creates an empty WaveLab Pro window.