Video Frame Rates

WaveLab Pro supports different video and film frame rates. The video frame rate must match the audio montage frame rate.

WaveLab Pro automatically adopts to the frame rate of the imported video. You can also manually adjust the frame rate via the Time Format dialog.

The following frame rates are supported:

Frames Per Second

Regardless of the frame counting system, the actual speed at which frames of video go by in real time is the true frame rate.

WaveLab Pro supports the following frame rates:

23.98 fps

This frame rate is used for film that is being transferred to NTSC video and must be slowed down for a 2-3 pull-down telecine transfer. It is also used for the type of HD video referred to as 24 p.

24 fps

This is the true speed of standard film cameras.

24.98 fps

This frame rate is commonly used to facilitate transfers between PAL and NTSC video and film sources. It is mostly used to compensate for errors.

25 fps

This is the frame rate of PAL video.

29.97 fps/29.97 dfps

This is the frame rate of NTSC video. The count can be either non-drop or drop-frame.

30 fps/30 dfps

This frame rate is not a video standard anymore but has been commonly used in music recording. It used to be the black and white NTSC broadcast standard. It is equal to NTSC video being pulled up to film speed after a 2-3 telecine transfer. The count can be either non-drop or drop-frame.

50 fps

This rate is also referred to as 50 p.

59.94 fps

This video frame rate is supported by high definition cameras and is compatible with NTSC.

60 fps

This video frame rate is supported by many high-definition cameras. However, the NTSC compatible 59.94 fps frame rate is much more common.


Video formats with a variable frame rate (VFR) are not supported.