Replacing Audio in Video

You can replace the audio track of a video with another audio file or an edited version of the original audio. You can replace the whole audio track or parts of it.


You have added the video file that contains the audio to be replaced to your audio montage.


  1. Do one of the following:
    • If you want to replace the audio of the video with an edited version of the original audio, edit the original audio file.

    • If you want to replace the original audio of the video with other audio, delete the audio on the original audio track and add the new audio.

    When you have finished editing the audio, you can render the audio montage to create a video with the new audio.

  2. Select the video track.
  3. Select the Render tab.
  4. On the Source menu, select Range of Active Video Clip.
  5. In the Output section, specify a Name and a Location for the rendered video file.

    The rendered video file keeps the file format of the original video. The video is not re-rendered, which means that there is no quality loss in this process.

  6. In the Options section, click Options and do one of the following:
    • To create a copy of the original video with the edited audio, activate Create Video with the Resulting Audio.

    • To open the rendered video in a new audio montage, activate Reimport Video in New Audio Montage.

    • To open the rendered audio file of the video file in the Audio Editor, activate Open Rendered Audio File.

  7. In the Render section, click Start Rendering.