Rendering Multiple Live Input Streams in Parallel

You can render multiple live input streams in parallel. This allows you to batch record multiple live input streams. The maximum number of live input renderings depends on your available audio inputs and your overall system performance.


You have set up your first live input stream.


  1. In the Master Section, right-click Live Input.
  2. In the Input Bus section, select the second input bus.
  3. Optional: In the Master Section, add effects for the second input bus.
  4. In the Audio Montage window, select the Render tab.
  5. In the Output section, specify the name, location, and file format of the rendered file.
  6. In the Render section, click Start Rendering.


Two independent Live Input Rendering dialog opens. This allows you to set up both input streams for rendering individually.


When rendering, the Master Section plug-in settings are copied to the rendering task. This allows you to change the plug-in settings without effecting the ongoing rendering task.