Speaker Configuration

You can configure up to 4 speaker setups to switch between different audio speaker configurations without latency. This allows you to compare the sound on different speaker setups.

After setting up the speaker configurations in the Audio Connections tab, the configurations can be selected from the bottom of the Master Section.

The switching between different setups is done at the lowest level, right before sending the audio to the hardware, and without any plug-in processing.

A gain can be set individually for each configuration.

  • The speaker gain is not taken into account by the meters. This means that the signal could clip even if the meters do not indicate clipping.

  • The speaker gain has no effect on file rendering or CD writing.

  • Because a gain affects samples, any dither settings are reset when changing the gain. This has an effect when monitoring quiet music passages.

The speaker configuration #1 is active on startup and should remain the default configuration, without a gain change.

The gain settings are saved with the active configuration. To save the gain settings of the speaker configurations as a preset, open the Audio Connections tab, and save the speaker configurations as a preset.