Level Normalizer Dialog

In this dialog, you can change the peak level of an audio file.

  • To open the Level Normalizer dialog, select the Process tab in the Audio Editor, and click Level in the Normalizing section.

This dialog is also available as a multipass plug-in in the Batch Processor window.

Peak Level

Enter the peak level (in dB) that you want the audio selection to have.

Stereo Link

Applies the gain to both channels.


In this pop-up menu, select whether WaveLab Pro uses sample values (digital peaks) or analog reconstructed values (true peaks).

Mix to Mono

Mixes the left and the right channel. The resulting mono file has the specified peak level. This ensures a mix without clipping.

Find Current Peak Value

Creates a report on the peak level of the current audio selection or the whole audio file if there is no selection.