Envelope Dialog

In this dialog, you can create a level envelope which can be applied to a selected range or a whole audio file. This is useful if you want to even-out loud and quiet parts or create a sophisticated fade in or fade out, for example.

  • To open the Envelope dialog, select the Process tab in the Audio Editor, and click Envelope in the Level section.

The dialog shows a waveform with an envelope curve (initially a straight line). A vertical ruler displays the level in dB, and the horizontal ruler displays the timeline.

The following options are available:

  • Undo the Last Operation

  • Redo the Last Undone Operation

  • Deselect the Envelope Points

  • Delete the Selected Envelope Points

  • Reset the Selected Envelope Points

  • Reset the Whole Envelope

  • Flip the Envelope Around the Horizontal Axis

  • Reverse the Envelope Time Sequence

  • Toggle the Envelope Smoothing