Speaker Configuration Pane

This pane of the Master Section allows you to select the speaker configurations. The speaker configurations are set up in the Audio Connections tab.

You can fold/unfold or completely show/hide the Speaker Configuration pane.

  • To fold/unfold the Speaker Configuration pane, click it.

  • To show/hide the Speaker Configuration pane, right-click a pane header, and activate/deactivate Show Speaker Configuration.

Fold/Unfold Pane

Expands or collapses the pane.

Speaker Configuration

Lets you select four different speaker configurations.

Audio Connections

Opens the Audio Connections, where you can set up the speakers for the speaker configuration buttons.

Speaker Gain

Lets you edit the gain of the speaker configuration. Positive gains are indicated by a red LED, and negative gains are indicated by an orange LED. When the gain is zero, the LED is dark green (off). The gain is not rendered to file.