Correcting Errors in Audio Files

You can correct errors in audio files in the Audio Editor.


You have detected errors in the audio file that you want to correct or you have used the error detection functions of WaveLab Pro to automatically detect errors.


  1. In the Audio Editor, select the Correction tab.
  2. In the Correction section, select an error correction method from the Error Correction Method menu. The following error correction methods are available:
    • Short Resynthesis is best suited for small errors. WaveLab Pro analyzes the immediate surroundings of the error to find the most appropriate method of correction.

    • Inpainting is best suited for large errors. WaveLab Pro analyzes more of the audio file to find the most appropriate method of correction.

      Inpainting replaces the corrupt samples using spectral inpainting. For error correction, spectral inpainting is applied to the whole frequency range with predefined settings. To access further inpainting options for correcting errors, use the Spectrum Editor.

  3. In the Correction section, do one of the following:
    • To correct an error, click inside an error marker pair or select an audio range, and click Correct Error.

    • To correct all errors that are marked with error markers, click Correct All Marked Errors.


The errors are corrected using the selected correction method and error correction markers are created at the start and the end of the corrected audio range.