Active Audio Montage Tab (Audio Montages Preferences)

The settings made on this tab apply only to the active audio montage.

Default Gap

Sets the default gap for clips. This setting is used for separating clips, for example, when you insert several clips at the same time.

DVD-Audio Resolution

Defines the DVD-Audio resolution for writing the audio montage to DVD-Audio. You can select 16 bit (smaller file size) or 24 bit (best quality).

Folder for Audio Files

Sets the path, which is relative to the audio montage folder, to the folder where audio files are implicitly created. For example, if you enter Data in the text field, a folder named Data is created in the audio montage folder. Files in this folder are not deleted when you close the audio montage.

If no folder is defined, the audio montage folder is used.

Reset Plug-ins When Starting Playback

If this option is activated, all active effect plug-ins are instructed to release all samples in their memory when you start playback.

Use this option if you experience clicks or noises when the playback position reaches the start of a clip that contains effects (typically reverb or delay). Otherwise, leave this option deactivated because it could lead to a delayed response upon playback start.

It is recommended that you deactivate this option, unless you experience shortage of memory that is caused by too many plug-ins.

Reset Plug-ins before Rendering

If this option is activated before rendering, all active plug-ins are reloaded.

Use this option if you experience clicks or noises in rendered audio files.

Auto Save Master Section Preset

Automatically saves the current Master Section preset along with the audio montage when saving the audio montage. This is recommended if you work on one audio montage at a time.