Super Clips

A super clip is the representation of an audio montage within an audio montage. It refers to an audio file that is rendered from either an internal sub-montage or an external sub-montage.

A super clip behaves like any other clip. To edit the tracks and clips in a super clip, you can reopen it and then render the changes to update the super clip.

A super clip can either be a mono or a stereo audio montage.

An example: You have an album that is composed of 15 songs. Each song requires complex edits. In this case you can create 15 super clips, of which each one represents a song. The main audio montage will be composed of these super clips, while each song can have its own audio montage.

Moreover, because super clips can represent external audio montages with different sample rates, you could provide your songs in high-resolution audio (96k sample rate), and build an audio montage album in 44.1k for a CD and another album at 96k for a DVD-Audio, for example.