Files Window

This window helps you to manage files that are used in the current audio montage, including internal and external montages.

  • To open the Files window, open an audio montage, and select Tool Windows > Files.

Files List

The files list shows the names, dates, sizes, and paths of the files that are used in the current audio montage. The Clips column shows how often a clip uses the corresponding audio file. The location and type of the files determine how paths are displayed:

  • If the path is relative to the file audio montage location, the path is displayed in green.

  • If the path is on the same partition as the audio montage, for example in a subfolder, the path is displayed in blue.

  • If the path is on another partition, the path is displayed in red.

  • Internal sub-montages have no path.


Update Rendering of Selected Audio Montage

Renders the active audio montage to a new audio file. This is necessary to forward the changes that you have made in the selected sub-montage to the open audio montage.

Update Outdated Renderings

Renders all audio montages that have been modified since their rendered audio file was created.

Replace With

Allows you to replace the selected file with another one.

Freeze External Sub-Montage

Renders the external sub-montage to an audio file while converting the super clips into regular clips.

Rename File

Lets you change the file name. The internal references of the audio montage are updated accordingly.

Export File Names as Text

Creates a text file that lists all files that are used in the active audio montage.

Select Clips of Selected File

Selects all clips that refer to the selected file.

Edit Source

Opens the selected files in the Audio Editor. If the selected files are sub-montages, the related audio montage opens in the Audio Montage window.

Reveal in File Explorer

Opens the File Explorer/macOS Finder to locate the selected file.

Customize Command Bar

Opens the Customize Commands dialog, which contains options to hide or show specific command bar buttons.