Editing Source Files of Clips

Editing the audio montage may require that you process or edit the actual audio files that are referenced by the clips.

Use one of the following methods to edit the source file of a clip:

  • Right-click the bottom area of the clip that you want to edit, and select Edit Source, or double-click the top area of the clip. The source file of the clip opens in the Audio Editor. Edit the clip, save it, and return to the audio montage.

  • Double-click the clip and drag the clip to the tab list or in the Audio Editor.

Note the following:

  • Any editing that you perform this way affects the source audio file and thereby all clips that use the audio file, including clips in other audio montages.

  • You can undo/redo all changes in audio files, even after saving the file. These changes are reflected immediately in all open audio montages.

  • If you use File > Save As to save the source audio file with a different name, all open audio montages that refer to the file now refer to the new file.