About Cloning and Substituting Source Files of Clips

Cloning an audio source file avoids the risk that other clips are affected when the source file of a clip is edited.

Use the Clone and Substitute function to create a copy of the audio source file, and make the clip reference to the new file. As a result, you can edit the source file without affecting other clips or the original audio file.

The cloned audio file has the original file name with the suffix _#X, where X is a number. The cloned audio file is saved in the implicit folder that is specified in the Folder for Audio Files field in the Audio Montages Preferences on the Active Audio Montage tab.

The implicit folder is used when WaveLab Pro needs to create new files that can be referenced by an audio montage. Files that are saved in the implicit folder are not temporary, that is, they are not deleted when you close WaveLab Pro. This is necessary because the audio montage contains references to the files.