Selection Ranges in Audio Montages

A selection range is a selected area on a track. The selection range can be entirely or partially within a clip or an empty section of the track. You can make selection ranges on one or multiple tracks.

  • To make a selection range, click the upper area of a track and drag to the left or right on one or multiple tracks.

Selection ranges are useful for the following:

  • To edit clips by cutting or erasing the selection, or trimming the clip to the selection.

  • To create a new clip by dragging the selection range to another track.

  • To open a montage window with the selection range from the source audio file by dragging the selection range to the Audio Editor.

  • To play back only the selection range, either the whole audio montage or only the clip with the intersecting clip part.

  • To loop the playback within the selection by activating the loop and selecting the Loop mode on the transport bar.