Selecting Clips

You can edit multiple selected clips at once.

  • To select a clip, click the lower clip area. Selected clips are displayed in a different color.

  • To select a clip while deselecting all other selected clip, double-click the lower clip area.

  • To select multiple clips, Ctrl/Cmd-click the lower clip areas.

  • To select a range of clips, Shift-click them.

  • To select several adjacent clips, double-click the upper clip area, and after the second click, drag to select the adjacent clips.

  • To select several clips on several tracks with a selection rectangle, hold down Ctrl/Cmd-Shift, and drag the rectangle.

  • To choose between several clip selection options, open the Clips window and select an option from the Select menu, or right-click the top clip area of a track and select from the Clip Selected Range pop-up menu.