Automating Volume/Fades Envelopes

You can automate volume/fades envelopes individually via clip envelopes.


  1. In the montage window, select the clip for which you want to apply volume/fades automation.
  2. In the Automation/Envelope pane of the Inspector window, select Volume/Fades.
  3. Optional: By default, the volume/fades envelope is applied after the effects. If you want to apply the volume/fades envelope before the effects, click Level/Fade Envelope After or Before Effects.
  4. Optional: To have a better overview of the envelope you are editing, you can hide the envelopes of other parameters. To hide envelopes, click Show/Hide Automation Envelope in the Automation/Envelope pane.
  5. In the clip, edit the volume/fades envelope.

    You can also select an envelope point and edit its value in the Value and Position fields at the bottom of the Automation/Envelope pane in the Inspector window.