Routing a Plug-in to a Clip

You can route a plug-in to an entire clip or only to parts of the clip.


  1. In the Inspector window, click Clip.
  2. In the Montage Effects pane, click an effect slot and add an effect.
  3. In the effects list, click Routing for a plug-in, and select one of the following routing options:
    • Insert (Standard)

    • Blend Wet into Dry (Send)

    • Parallel Processing

  4. If you have selected Blend Wet into Dry (Send) or Parallel Processing, you can edit the effect envelope to route the plug-in only to parts of the clip. Click Routing and select Edit Automation Envelope.

    The Envelope tab in the Audio Montage window opens, and the plug-in is selected as envelope type.

  5. In the montage window, edit the envelope curve.