Creating Audio CD Tracks From Clips

The CD Wizard dialog lets you generate CD track and splice markers from clip regions and crossfade points. You can use the Check CD Conformity option to check whether the audio montage is ready for writing to audio CD.


Make sure that the audio montage contains the material that you want on the audio CD. CD tracks must have a length of at least 4 seconds.


  1. In the CD window, select Functions > CD Wizard.
  2. Edit the settings in the CD Wizard dialog, and click Apply.
  3. Audition the tracks in the CD window, and make corrections if necessary.
  4. Optional: In the CD window, select Functions > Check CD Conformity.
    • If a warning message appears, make corrections and check the CD conformity again.

    • If no warning message appears, the audio montage is ready to be written to an audio CD.