Magnets Menu

In this pop-up menu, you can specify which positions should be magnetic. When Snap to Magnets is activated, items that you move snap to these positions.

  • To open the Magnets pop-up menu, select the Edit tab in the Audio Montage window, and click Magnets in the Snapping section.

You can let items snap to the following positions:

Start of Montage

Makes the start of the audio montage magnetic.

Clip Start

Makes the start of the clips magnetic.

Clip End

Makes the end of the clips magnetic.

Clip Cue Point

Makes the cue point in the clips magnetic.

Clip End Cue Point

Makes the position that is located after the clip end magnetic. If this option is deactivated, all end cue points are invisible in the audio montage.

Time Ruler Marks

Makes the main time units that are displayed in the ruler magnetic.


Makes the markers magnetic.

Markers in Audio Sources

Makes the markers in the original audio files of the clip magnetic if they are visible.

Time Selection Edges

Makes the edges of the selected time range magnetic.


Makes the edit cursor magnetic.