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WaveLab-specific plug-ins use the plug-in format of WaveLab, and cannot be used with other applications.
This plug-in is a professional sample rate converter providing exceptional transparency and preservation of the frequency content. It is only available in the Master Section.
This plug-in is useful for correcting an imbalance or adjusting levels between stereo channels, or for mixing down to mono.
Peak Master
This is a basic plug-in that minimizes peaks in your audio file, allowing a louder mix without clipping. It is useful in taming dynamic instruments.
This plug-in provides a simple way of inserting a precise period of silence at the start or at the end of an audio file. Use this plug-in to add silence at the end of a file, so that the tail of a reverb plug-in does not cut immediately at the end of the file.
In WaveLab there is no limitation to the use of VST plug-ins. They can be used wherever plug-ins can be inserted.
This auto-pan effect provides several parameters to modulate the left/right stereo position. You can use presets or create individual curves for the modulation waveform. AutoPan also allows for chopping effects by linking the modulation of left and right channel.
This plug-in is a single-stage chorus effect. It doubles the audio that is sent into it with a slightly detuned version.
Compressor reduces the dynamic range of the audio, making softer sounds louder or louder sounds softer, or both.
Gating, or noise gating, silences audio signals below a set threshold. As soon as the signal level exceeds the threshold, the gate opens to let the signal through.
Limiter is designed to ensure that the output level never exceeds a set output level, to avoid clipping in following devices.
RoomWorks SE
RoomWorks SE is a smaller version of the RoomWorks plug-in. RoomWorks SE delivers high quality reverberation, but has fewer parameters and is less CPU demanding than the full version.
StereoDelay has two independent delay lines with freely specified delay time settings.
StereoEnhancer expands the stereo width of (stereo) audio material. It cannot be used with mono files.
Studio EQ is a high-quality 4-band parametric stereo equalizer. All four bands can act as fully parametric peak filters. In addition, the low and high bands can act as either shelving filters (three types) or as cut filters (low-pass/high-pass).