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WaveLab-specific plug-ins use the plug-in format of WaveLab, and cannot be used with other applications.
This plug-in is a professional sample rate converter providing exceptional transparency and preservation of the frequency content. It is only available in the Master Section.
This plug-in lets you control (modulate) the volume of clips placed on a track with the signal of one or more clips placed on the next adjacent track below it. The Ducker plug-in can only be used as a clip effect in the audio montage.
This plug-in is useful for correcting an imbalance or adjusting levels between stereo channels, or for mixing down to mono.
MasterRig allows you to master audio material in an intuitive and creative way. It offers high-class sound quality, accuracy, flexibility, and control.
Peak Master
This is a basic plug-in that minimizes peaks in your audio file, allowing a louder mix without clipping. It is useful in taming dynamic instruments.
RestoreRig allows you to remove noise from an audio recording with different restoration modules. The noise can be an impulsive noise (DeClicker), an ambient noise (DeNoiser), or a low tonal noise (DeBuzzer)
This plug-in provides a simple way of inserting a precise period of silence at the start or at the end of an audio file. Use this plug-in to add silence at the end of a file, so that the tail of a reverb plug-in does not cut immediately at the end of the file.
Stereo Expander
This plug-in is a stereo width enhancer that makes a stereo signal sound wider. It gives better results from real stereo material, as opposed to mono channels panned to different positions in the stereo image.
In WaveLab there is no limitation to the use of VST plug-ins. They can be used wherever plug-ins can be inserted.
This auto-pan effect provides several parameters to modulate the left/right stereo position. You can use presets or create individual curves for the modulation waveform. AutoPan also allows for chopping effects by linking the modulation of left and right channel.
Brickwall Limiter
Brickwall Limiter ensures that the output level never exceeds a set limit.
Channel Extractor
This plug-in allows you to only keep the left or the right channel of a stereo stream.
This plug-in is a single-stage chorus effect. It works by doubling the audio that is sent into it with a slightly detuned version.
Compressor reduces the dynamic range of the audio, making softer sounds louder or louder sounds softer, or both.
Distortion adds crunch to your tracks.
Gating, or noise gating, silences audio signals below a set threshold. As soon as the signal level exceeds the threshold, the gate opens to let the signal through.
Limiter is designed to ensure that the output level never exceeds a set output level, to avoid clipping in following devices.
This is a mono delay effect that can either be tempo-based or use freely specified delay time settings.
RoomWorks SE
RoomWorks SE is a smaller version of the RoomWorks plug-in. RoomWorks SE delivers high quality reverberation, but has fewer parameters and is less CPU demanding than the full version.
StereoDelay has two independent delay lines with freely specified delay time settings.
StereoEnhancer expands the stereo width of (stereo) audio material. It cannot be used with mono files.
Studio EQ is a high-quality 4-band parametric stereo equalizer. All four bands can act as fully parametric peak filters. In addition, the low and high bands can act as either shelving filters (three types) or as cut filters (low-pass/high-pass).
Tube Compressor
This versatile compressor with integrated tube-simulation allows you to achieve smooth and warm compression effects. The VU meter shows the amount of gain reduction. Tube Compressor features an internal side-chain section that lets you filter the trigger signal.
VSTDynamics is an advanced dynamics processor. It combines three separate processors: Gate, Compressor, and Limiter, covering a variety of dynamic processing functions.
Legacy Plug-ins
Under Windows, a set of plug-ins is provided for compatibility with audio projects that referenced these effects when using earlier versions of WaveLab. An audio montage which referenced these plug-ins would otherwise require cumbersome user intervention to open, for example.
Dithering plug-ins add small quantities of noise to a signal to reduce the audibility of low level distortion in a digital recording. A small amount of random noise is added to the analog signal before the sampling stage, reducing the effect of quantization errors.
Internal Dithering
This is a WaveLab-specific plug-in that provides a simple way of adding a small amount of noise to the rendered signal to improve the apparent signal-to-noise ratio of the output.