In-Place Rendering

In the Audio Editor, you can process a section of an audio file or the whole audio file. This is a quick way to process several audio sections in an audio file, or test the effect of different plug-ins on an audio file.

You can select the Render in Place function in the following places:

  • On the Render tab of the Audio Editor

  • In the Master Section, in the context menu of the Render button

  • In the command bar of a plug-in window

When selecting Render in Place via the Render tab, you can make additional render settings on the Options pop-up menu. When selecting Render in Place via the Master Section or a plug-in window, the following render settings are always active:

  • Fade in/out at boundaries

  • Exclude bypassed plug-ins


Once an audio section has been processed, there is no automatic bypass of plug-ins or the Master Section.

An example for using in-place rendering:

Let’s say that you are restoring a file and have 3 favorite plug-ins, for example, 3 DeClicker plug-ins. Now you want to use the one that gives the best results.

  1. Load all 3 plug-ins in the Master Section.

  2. Select a region, solo plug-in #1, and play the region.

  3. Solo plug-in #2, and play the region.

  4. Solo plug-in #3, and play the region.

  5. Solo the plug-in that you think sounded the best, and click Render in Place, or press Alt-A.