PitchDriver allows for sound design in postproduction. It can be used for extreme up or down pitching of voices or effect samples (for example, to create eerie monster sounds). Shifting the pitch with this plug-in does not keep the formants.


Lets you detune the pitch of the incoming audio.


Sets the level balance between dry and wet signal.


Creates an ambience effect. It introduces a light pitch offset to the incoming signal. Different offset values are used for the individual input channels in order to create a panorama effect.


The created panorama effect can be unstable. For a stable panorama, deactivate the Spatial parameter. Then, the incoming signals are summed up to a mono signal.


Sets the output level.

To avoid hearing artifacts, it is recommended to set the ASIO buffer for your audio card to at least 128 samples. The buffer size can be set on the control panel for the card (opened via the Device Setup dialog).