Video Player Setup

The Video Player setup page in the Studio Setup dialog allows you to set up your video player, and to check if your video equipment allows for video playback from within Nuendo.

  • To open the Video Player page, select Studio > Studio Setup and activate Video Player in the Devices list.

The following options are displayed:

  1. Device

    Lists the video output devices that are available on your system.

  2. Format

    Allows you to select an output format.


    The Onscreen Window device only supports a fixed format.

  3. Offset

    If the video image does not match the audio, you can enter an offset value in milliseconds to specify how much earlier the video should be delivered. This compensates for the display delay. The offset is only used during playback. It is saved globally for each output device and is independent of the project.

  4. Active

    Allows you to activate the device that you want to use for playing back video.

  5. Show Timecode

    Allows you to show the timecode.

  6. Position

    Allows you to determine the position for the timecode display.