Putting the network online

After each computer’s name you will see whether it is online or not. When a computer is online, it will receive transport and timecode signals, and its sequencer application can be started and stopped by remote control. If it is off-line, it can only be started from its own keyboard – it is effectively an independent machine, although it is still on the network.

About This Task


Note that any computer can control any and all of the others – VST System Link is a peer-to-peer network and there is no absolute “master” computer.

To put all computers online, proceed as follows:


  1. For all computers, activate the Online checkbox on the VST System Link page.
  2. Start playback on one computer to check that the system is working – all computers should start almost instantly and play perfectly in time, with sample-accurate precision.
    • The Offset Samples setting allows you to adjust whether one machine will play slightly ahead or behind the rest.

      This is normally not needed, but occasionally with some hardware you may find that the lock is a few samples out. For now, leave it set to 0 – it will most likely be what you want.

    • The Transfer Bits setting allows you to specify whether you want to transfer 24 or 16 bits. This allows you to use older audio cards which do not support transfer of 24 bits.


VST System Link sends and understands all transport commands (such as play, stop, fast forward, rewind, etc.). This allows you to control the entire network from one computer. If you jump to a locator point on one machine, all other machines will also instantly jump to that locator point.


Make sure that all computers have their tempos set to the same value, otherwise your synchronization will be seriously skewed.