Frame edge alignment (phase)

There are 1600 samples of audio in one frame of video running at 48 kHz and 29.97 fps. Phase alignment adjusts the playback of Nuendo so that the precise sample of audio is lined up with the leading edge of the timecode frame.

While it is possible to have very good sync without proper phase alignment, it will not be sample-accurate. With Nuendo there are 4 ways of achieving sample-accurate (phase aligned) sync:

  • Using Steinberg’s SyncStation synchronizer.

    The SyncStation can resolve video sync, word clock, and timecode all in one unit with extensive machine control capabilities.

  • Using Steinberg’s Time Base synchronizer.

    The Time Base has the ability to align the audio clock with the incoming timecode.

  • Using VST System Link.

    VST System Link connects multiple workstations together using digital audio connections. System Link uses the sample clock for position and speed references, ensuring sample-accurate synchronization.

  • ASIO Positioning Protocol (APP)

    Specific ASIO audio cards that have built in timecode readers support Steinberg’s APP. APP is able to analyze the incoming timecode and compare that to the sample clock to provide sample-accurate synchronization.


APP is only supported when Nuendo is a timecode slave.