Monitoring Ambisonics Audio Binaurally Using Third-Party Insert Plug-ins

Third-party Ambisonics plug-ins for binaural decoding that are not suited for use within the Control Room Phones channel can be used as insert plug-ins in the Main channel instead.


In the Audio Connections window, you have done the following:

  • You have set an Ambisonics output bus as main mix.

  • You have enabled the Control Room.

  • For the Control Room Monitor channel, you have selected the correct device port to send the signal to your headphones.

About This Task


For details on how to use a third-party Ambisonics decoder plug-in, refer to the documentation that comes with it.


  1. In the MixConsole, route your audio tracks to the Ambisonics output bus.
  2. In the Downmix Presets section of the Control Room, select a preset with the same Ambisonics format as the main mix.
  3. In the Channels section, disable Head Tracking on the miniature view of VST AmbiDecoder.
  4. In the Main channel of the Control Room, insert the Ambisonics decoder plug-in.


You can play back Ambisonics audio binaurally via the Control Room Main channel.