VST MultiPanner Plug-in Panel in Ambisonics Mode

The VST MultiPanner plug-in panel offers additional settings and parameters for Ambisonics mixing.

  • To use VST MultiPanner in Ambisonics mode for an audio channel, you must route the channel to an output bus in Ambisonics format.

Top View/Rear View

Shows the sound field from the top and the rear, and allows you to position the sound source by dragging the panning balls. The orientation is bound to the head-tracking viewing angle. This means, what you see in front of you when using a VR display is also in front of the head symbol in both views.

Field Size

Sets the perceived size of the sound field. It is indicated by the size of the head symbol in Top View and Rear View. The smaller the size, the bigger the distance between listener and sound source. The volume of the sound is attenuated accordingly. Moving the mouse pointer over the scale knob displays the simulated distance in meters in both panning views.

Source Size

Spreads the source audio in the sound field by making it more diffuse.