Monitoring a Head-Locked Signal in VST AmbiDecoder

You may not want some audio, for example, background music tracks, to be affected by head movements. VST AmbiDecoder allows you to bypass tracking by sending a head-locked signal via side-chain.


In the Audio Connections window, you have set an Ambisonics output bus as main mix, and enabled the Control Room.


  1. In your project, create a stereo or multi-channel group track and route your background music tracks to this group.
  2. Route the output of the group track to the side-chain input of VST AmbiDecoder.
  3. On the VST AmbiDecoder panel, right-click and select Activate Side-Chain.
  4. Set Head-Locked Signal to the required gain.


You can listen to decoded Ambisonics audio and your music tracks via the Control Room. The music tracks are not affected by head-tracking data that Nuendo receives from a VR controller.


When listening to Ambisonics audio via speakers, the head-locked signal is added after the Control Room volume control. Use Control Room Level and Head-Locked Signal to retain a proper balance between Ambisonics mix and head-locked signal.