Audio Alignment

The Audio Alignment tool allows you to automatically match the timing of audio events that you want to play back simultaneously.

You can match the timing of a voice recording take or an alternative take to the production sound, for example. You can also solve phasing problems that occur when using different microphones on the same take. In music production contexts, the Audio Alignment tool allows you to match the timing of different instrument or vocal tracks.

The Audio Alignment tool analyzes the audio that you want to align and either shifts the audio or uses the warping function of the Sample Editor for time stretching.

  • If the events result from the same recording, for example, in case of a multiple microphone recording, only time shifting is used for the alignment.

  • If time stretching is necessary, Audio Alignment uses the warping algorithm that is selected in the Sample Editor.

Audio Alignment features the following analyzing modes that use different algorithms:

  • Standard mode can be used for all kinds of sound or music.

  • Voice mode is optimized for detecting and aligning speech or vocals.


    This mode only works if the words on the aligned tracks are identical.