Controller Display

The area at the bottom of the Key Editor window is the controller display. It contains the controller events.

To show or hide the controller display, click Set up Window Layout on the toolbar, and activate or deactivate Controller Lanes.

The on/off status of the controller lanes in the Key Editor window and in the lower zone editor are independent of each other.

The controller display consists of one or several controller lanes that show one of the following properties or event types:

  • Velocity values of the notes

  • Pitchbend events

  • Aftertouch events

  • Poly Pressure events

  • Program Change events

  • System Exclusive events

  • Articulations and Dynamics

  • Any type of continuous controller event

Velocity values are shown as vertical bars in the controller display. Each velocity bar corresponds to a note event in the note display. Higher bars correspond to higher velocity values.

Events other than velocity values are shown as blocks. The block corresponds to the event values. The beginning of an event is marked by a curve point.


Unlike note events, controller events have no length. The value of a controller event in the display is valid until the beginning of the next controller event.